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Benefits of automation

Benefits for a horse farmer – Liberator from daily routines

Haymatic automatic feeders are designed for large bales. They free you from daily weighing and distribution of hay. No more distribution of morning, midday, afternoon and night hay. Are you ready to change your daily routines and use the extra free time for things you like doing? Now it is possible! An automatic hay feeder takes care of regular distribution of hay even at night. You adjust the feeding intervals and the length of the feeding time yourself.

You save hay, money and – above all – time! A hay bale may last even weeks, depending on the number of horses. Thanks to the low floor level, you can even roll the hay bale in, without a tractor. You avoid the laborious cleaning of the paddock, and there is no hay wastage. Use the time freed up by automation for something important to you.

Benefits for horses – Wellbeing of horses

As all horse enthusiasts know, it is typical for horses to eat frequently, so that there is always a bit of food in their stomach. Chewing buffers the stomach acids. An empty stomach exposes a horse to ulcers and other metabolic disorders. The automatic feeder offers food regularly, based on the timing set by you and the needs of your horse.

Regular feeding prevents the horse from gaining weight, for example, and having health problems, such as laminitis. All horse ailments cause extra work and loss of cash in vet bills. When eating from the automatic feeder, the horse eats in a natural posture with its head down. The neck of the horse will not strain, either, as it does when tearing hay from “slow feeding” nets, which is known to put extra stress on the neck. Regular feeding rhythm and dosage keeps the stand of horse’s calm.

An automatic hay feeder is an investment in yourself and the horses! Less stress and more freedom!

Customer feedback 1

“The automatic feeder has now been available for half a year for my two horses in a free-range yard, and little by little, I begin to get used to not having to wake up at night at most awkward hours to take hay over.

So, a lot of time is saved, my quality of life has improved when I am able to sleep enough and do not have to stress about the horses receiving too much/too little food.

I also like the idea that an automatic hay feeder makes it possible to leave home with my husband and stay away overnight, for example There used to be no such option.

Before purchasing the automatic hay feeder one of my horses was slightly overweight. I was all the time worried about it, although there had not yet occurred any known problems due to the excess weight. Now the gelding has lost 30–40 kg within half a year and is a pleasure to the eye.


A hay bale which earlier lasted some three weeks now lasts four weeks. In practice, not a straw of hay is wasted. Time is also saved because there is no need to clean up hay messed up by horses from the ground.

Thank you for this awesome invention. I would not give it away for any price.”

Customer feedback 2

“I think that the automatic feeder has been a good purchase, saving time as well as hay. I have this horse hobby in addition to my day job, so I no longer need to worry who will give the midday hay and if I can make it on time from work to give the afternoon hay.

The horses get their hay regularly on time, so weight control is easier to implement, and it is certainly a more stomach-friendly method for a horse.

Timing options can be quite freely selected, so it is a big plus of the equipment.

Hey worth two or three days is now saved per round hay bale, and above all, the yard stays cleaner when hay does not fall all over.

I save about an hour a day, so I have time to work with the horses more even on weekdays.


During my holidays, it has been easier to organise help when it has been enough to visit the free-range area once a day. And on my own days off, I have been able to sleep later, when there is no rush to bring the morning hay, which was a rare treat for years!

The thoughts of one satisfied user of the automatic hay feeder.”