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Haymatic® automatic hay feeder

We offer cost-efficient and ready automatic hay feeders and solutions for the automation of existing feeding racks. The heart of all solutions is in the innovative and patented automation. Haymatic® automatic hay feeder is already today the standard of tomorrow.


The Haymatic® automatic hay feeder is a ready product, designed for paddocks. The automatic hay feeder can be easily filled with a large hay bale. That way you are saved from daily hay distribution work. A Haymatic® automatic hay feeder can be selected based on the number of rising walls, even a feeder with four rising walls is possible! The automatic feeder is suited for small ponies as well as for a horse.

Below a more detailed description of the products. The ex-factory prices don’t include the roof structure on top of the beams. Roof cost is 430 €

Haymatic® 4 - Maximisation of benefits

Learn new ways to position the automatic hay feeder for a large number of horses. You can position Haymatic® 4 in the middle of the paddock so that horses can freely walk around the automatic feeder. Feeding slots for up to 12 horses!  A fully transparent structure calms down the horses. Loading a new hay bale is easy by opening one feeding wall. One automatic hay feeder and several feeding solutions!

Haymatic 4 – 7900 € (VAT 0%)

Haymatic® 3 - Honour practicality!

A three-wall automatic hay feeder for one who appreciates easy daily routines. When you place an automatic feeder on the side of a paddock, you can change a bale from outside the paddock, without disturbing the horses. Easy daily routines! Feeding slots for 9 horses, which is enough for a largish band of horses. 

Haymatic 3 – 6900 € (VAT 0%)

Haymatic® 2 - An investment in easy daily routines!

A two-wall automatic hay feeder for one who appreciates easy daily routines. When you place an automatic feeder on the side of a paddock, you can change a bale from outside the paddock, without disturbing the horses. No daily hay distribution work and the routines are easy! Feeding slots for 6 horses.

Haymatic 2 – 5800 € ( VAT 0%)

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All automatic hay feeders can hold a large hay bale, which makes the hay last longer. Adjust the feeding intervals based on the horses and your needs, even up to 12 openings in 24 hours!

The lifting of the doors and how long they stay open can be adjusted using two-time groups. The control unit is simple to use

The automatic feeder’s walls rise from down to up, and their movement stops if they encounter some unexpected obstacle. A clearance always remains at the top end of the equipment. In addition, a horse always also naturally lifts its head up once the walls rise.

All external surfaces are designed to be suitable for horses. Electrical safety is taken care of by using protected components.

From the beginning, equipment longevity and reliability were considered in the design work. The simple mechanism of the automatic feeder contains few wear parts. 

The material used is wear resistant and maintenance-free hot-galvanised- , stainless steel and marine grade aluminium.



Device length / width: 2050 mm
Height of the device: 2600 mm
Internal dimension: 1800×1800 mm
Base height: 60 mm
Weight: 400-500 kg depending on equipment


IP class of electrical components: IP54
Power supply: 230 V
Engine power: 0.37 kW
Operating temperature: -22 to +30 ℃
Country of manufacture: over 80% finnish, Key Flag product
Warranty: 2 year

The automatic hay feeder is placed on flat, unfrozen ground. We recommend laying a base on a concrete slab or laying a concrete stone base. This helps keep the substrate clean and the sand does not get into the horses with the hay.

Electricity can be brought to the machine from the nearest socket using an extension cord for outdoor use, or you can use a socket / fixed connection that already is in place.

One machine, many solutions.

Haymatic® module – Transformability with modules!

Do you already have an existing building, or do you want to build one yourself? The Haymatic® technology allows organising automatic feeding at the wall of a building, for instance.

The first module contains everything that is needed for one feeding opening in a wall. It offers a low-threshold option for the automated feeding of 2 to 3 horses. It is also easy to switch the operation of other feeding openings to the first module.

Below the ex-factory prices of the modules (VAT 0%).
Haymatic module:

Starting at 3300 € (1 module)

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Haymatic® modules consist of elements about 2 m high on the wall of the building. The element has three feed openings. Three elements can be placed on the same wall.

The Haymatic® module is installed between the vertical beams of the building. The customer must take care of making the opening (s) required by the module in the desired wall structure.


Device length / width: 1920 mm
Height of the device: 2200 mm
Weight: about 90 kg


IP class of electrical components: IP54
Operating temperature: -22 to +30 ℃
Engine power: 0.25 kW
Warranty: 2 year
Power supply: 230 V

Haymatic® by Smartkit - Automation of existing feeding racks

We can offer automation solutions for existing feeding racks by using the same technology as in Haymatic® automatic feeders. 

The price and terms of delivery are defined case by case, for example, depending on the hay rack model.

Please contact us to find out the options!

Three-side automation, starting at 3300 € (VAT 0%)