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The story of the company

With our family’s horse hobby, we ran into a typical problem. Our horses could not manage on “free hay”. One of our horses had stomach problems due to the stress from varying feeding times.

 We had to think of solutions which would suit all the horses of our family. Feeding every three hours would be challenging. Our family began to think of other solutions together. 

The horse hobby of the women of our family and the professional machine building competence of our man folks created a basis to take up this interesting challenge. Developing solutions is based on over 30 years of machine-building competence and understanding of the natural needs of horses.

The Haymatic® automatic hay feeder was born!

Good experiences from easing the daily stable routines created an interest in productising the solutions and sharing the same help with other horse enthusiasts, who struggle with the same issues.

Our goal is to offer different solutions for horse farmers. We have experienced and seen how the automation of hay distribution has helped our everyday life and improved the wellbeing of horses. The wellbeing of horses and natural horse care is close to our hearts.

Our starting point has been understanding the natural needs of horses, the safety of users and the increase in leisure time, provided by automation as an “additional outcome”. All horse people know the large amount of time hay feeding requires every day, and on the other hand, the horses’ need for regular feeding intervals.

Our experiences at our own stable have been encouraging. It has been great to see our own horses doing well and becoming healthy thanks to automation. Above all, it has been awesome to say goodbye to daily distribution of hay!